Interview with Janey from Janey Stahl Coaching

Today I get to interview one of my dear friends, Janey Stahl

When looking for a great guest who not only built her own business from the ground up, but could provide tactical tips for you, the listener, I knew Janey was a perfect candidate.
Janey is a strategic financial officer for business owners who want to maximize their profitability and potential. Her Master’s in Business and Bachelor’s in Finance and Human Resources alongside 9 years of business work experience make her the perfect candidate to help you reach financial goals.
Janey says her goal when working with clients is to help him or her:
  • “Make profitable decisions in all areas of [her] business. I will not recommend a tactic just to boost the bottom-line; it has to be aligned to [her] vision and values.”
  • “Navigate [her] unique market, manage multiple roles, and achieve sustainable profitability.”
  • “Provide creative solutions so [she] can feel confident and empowered.”
Not only do I admire Janey’s business mind, but she is also a wife and mom of two, and the definition of an empowered woman.
I hope you love this interview with my friend Janey of Janey Stahl Coaching.
Key Takeaways
  • Her background as a small-town Iowa farm girl taught her the Midwest work ethic, as well as the importance of making informed financial decisions.
  • With an MBA and background in a corporate setting, Janey took a chance working with a startup and saw the ins-and-outs of entrepreneurship.
  • Starting her own business didn’t happen overnight. Janey worked a full-time job as she was growing her own business on nights and weekends.
  • Mentorship and finding community as you grow a business is invaluable. Seek out community and growth opportunities to network.
  • Mindset is key. You need to work in your unique strengths, not the strengths you see others portraying.
  • Everybody has their own path.
  • “There will be days when it’s really hard, and if you don’t have a strong purpose or strong vision, you will sway with the wind.” 
  • Write down your skills, what you’re good at and what you’re passionate about, and figure out which of those things you can charge for.
  • “You get to choose your hard.” – this was a good one and you can hear her take on it near the end of today’s episode

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